Inspiring voices at SKA’s yom iyun


Acquiring knowledge to navigate the world as an Orthodox woman is an aspiration of SKA and MACS (Modesty Awareness Committee by Students). At a yom iyunat YIW, SKA girls heard from three women are influential in their fields while maintaining a Torah-true life.

The day featured Ruchie Freier, first female Hasidic elected official in the US; educator and writer Alexandra Fleksher; and Israeli TV and radio host Sivan Rahav Meir.

“It’s so easy to be influenced by the outside world while you’re working in it, but it is amazing to see women who can share with us that it’s not impossible to withstand those influences,” said student Shira Baum.

MACS Magazine, edited by Shoshana Lunzer, Emma Rubin and Aliza Strauss, was distributed at the end of this program.