HANC’s Torah Bowl champs


Congratulations and Mazal Tov to the HANC High School Boys’ Torah Bowl Team on becoming this year’s High School Yeshiva League Champions!

 Over the course of the season, the HANC Boys Torah Bowl team went 11-1 to clinch a first place seed in the playoffs. HAFTR and Flatbush were defeated in the first and second rounds of the playoffs, forcing a faceoff between HANC and NSHA. HANC defeated NSHA two games to none, for an outstanding victory, making the team the Eastern Division Champions.

On May 21, the HANC boys traveled to Brooklyn to play the other Division Champions, MAY, Frisch, and TABC, for the League Championship Title at Sharei Moshe.

It was not an easy battle for the HANC team. Going into halftime, HANC was down by 11. Yet, a terrific swing of events occurred when they scored 26 points in the third quarter, giving them the lead by a comfortable 7 points. However, after TABC answered the first couple of questions in the fourth quarter, the HANC team found themselves in a hole, down 50-47 with two questions left. Yet, they achieved the unthinkable, as they answered the last two questions correctly, bumping their score up to a winning 51.

 The HANC team celebrated their win, however the achdut and hard work of all four teams made the championship match an even more memorable one. 

Mazal Tov to coach Rabbi Shimon Chrein and to team members David Aziz, Dovid Chai Deil, Eric Lenefsky, Ari Levine, Jacob Kohanim, Matthew Rosenberg, Michael Nassimi, Mordechai Balakhaneh, Noah Livi, Sholom Amsellem, and Gideon Pollack, Yoni Eshaghzadeh, David Schwartzman, Adam Livi and Eran Vaknin.