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Finally, a first-class, licensed Kosher rehab center for Jews


With overdoses, substance abuse and many forms of addiction making national news, the Jewish community has not been edited out of those tragic headlines. In fact, the statistics are dangerously growing among all Jewish denominations.

After traveling to over 600 Jewish communities around the world, this catastrophic problem did not escape the attention of Dr. David Nesenoff, who this year opened Tikvah Lake Recovery, a unique oasis for those who need to overcome their addictions.

“I learned that there was a 90 percent relapse rate of addicts who actually went to rehab,” Dr. Nesenoff said. “I knew that there had to be a better solution.” Along with his son, Rabbi Adam Nesenoff, Dr. Nesenoff decided to infuse strong clinical treatment with traditional Jewish teachings. Together they established Tikvah Lake Recovery in Florida, a kosher, licensed residential addiction rehabilitation facility.

The 15,000 square foot mansion on a lake provides multiple beautiful settings in which to receive treatment from a qualified medical and clinical team. Additionally, the grounds offer an exquisite environment to pray, learn, enjoy Shabbos and holidays, eat healthy, boat, fish, hike, exercise, swim and reboot one’s life.

Dr. Nesenoff and his wife live at the facility full time, allowing for personalized and protective care of the residents in a safe, warm, home enviroment.

“There are a few basics we adhere to: confidetniality, dignity and a non-judgmental atmosphere,” Dr. Nesenoff noted.

“And our three secret weapons to healing our residents are our incredible clinical director, our Jewish home, and our 300 acre lake.”

In an attempt to not exclude anyone in need, Tikvah Lake Recovery recently began accepting insurance as well as offering financing plans. In contrast with many programs and facilities that attempt to attend to 80 people at a time, Tikvah Lake Recovery limits its attention to a maximum of six residents.

“The key is to not just stop the addcit’s destructive behavior while he is momentarily in rehab, but to actually cancel that frightening relapse statistic as well,” Dr, Nesenoff said. “And we do that six souls at a time.”

For information about Tikvah Lake Recovery, call 954-644-5040 or visit