Emunah of America honors 3 as Women of Wonder


At its recent WOW event, Emunah of America honored three Women of Wonder: Sharie Loeffler Leopold, managing director of Leveraged Finance; Dr. Janine Nathan, fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics; and Shevy Solomon, CMO and investor relations officer at Jerrick Media Holdings.

Over 200 attendees heard keynote speaker Sandra Stern, president of Lionsgate Television group, discuss the “wonder of women.”

“For me, the most important quality of being a Woman of Wonder is a sense of integrity and a passion for excellence — trying a little harder, demanding a little more of myself, never settling for anything less than my best,” she said. “We are all Wonder Women with the power to transform the lives of those around us.”

Beginning with a handful of women who believed they could nurture Israel’s most fragile citizens, Emunah women have built a kingdom of chesed that encompasses educational and social services throughout Israel.