At SKA, a successful Middle States review


The Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has received its third Middle States accreditation.

Over the past year and a half, SKA’s faculty and staff completed a comprehensive self-study which culminated in a challenging four day visitation from representatives of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools during the week of Dec. 4.

This detailed self-study, assisted by board members, parents and students, suggested ideas and created objectives to improve our student learning, focusing on areas of strength and improvement. Participants took part in surveys, collaborated and completed Standards Reports, and opened classrooms and hallways to observations and critical eyes.

The Middle States visitation team deemed the administration, faculty and staff of SKA true to the school mission. The team’s oral report, delivered by it chairperson, reflected positively taken on the sense of family that permeates the school.

Among those from SKA who worked closely on the accreditation were Associate Principal Elana Flaumenhaft, faculty member Shira Manne, Head of School Helen Spirn, General Studies Principal Bluma Drebin, and Associate Principal Deena Kobre.