Project Frumway

Models and role models


The NCSY and JSU Project Frumway’s fourth annual fashion show fundraiser welcomed Jewish teenagers from across Long Island, Brooklyn and Westchester on March 1st at Congregation Beth Sholom in Lawrence.
The runway event which focused on modest fashion and tzinius honored two young women for their exemplary conduct in the community. Amanda Esraelian of Roslyn High School and Pamela Goldberg of Smithtown High School received the “Jewish Woman Leadership Award.” “In one weekend I went from seeing Shabbat as that one time during the week that I can’t use my cell phone to that one time during the week where I could enjoy all other aspects of life,” Esraelian said of her experiences entering Jewish observance. She is presently the international president for NCSY and has had the opportunity to attend Shabbatons all over the United States.
“One of the most influential things I have learned from my advisors and friends is the concept of Bat Melech and dressing modestly,” the other Frumway honoree, Goldberg said. “I now dress in a tzanua way all of the time, but it has been a challenge dressing this way in public school and finding clothing that is appropriate.”
NCSY’s COO Carol Rhine offered advice, as the models presented outfits for Back to School, Spring into Fashion and Fun in the Sun. “Tznius is not just a way to get dressed, but a way to live by.”