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Friday, August 26, 2016
Kosher Critic: New Man-O HQ
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The worlds largest kosher company fell on hard times. Their products increasingly became considered old and outdated, and so they revamped, introducing newer and more innovative products. Seamlessly, they folded their classic items like gefilte fish into new products like Moroccan Fish Meatballs.  These items may take some getting used to taste-wise, but are nonetheless impressive because it demonstrates Manischewitz’s active drive to keep up with the growing demand for more specialized gourmet products.
What makes this even more important is that Manischewitz is the face of American kosher food. This is because whether you’re in Fargo or San Jose, no matter how devoid an area is of kosher consumers, chances are the local grocery stores still carry a miniscule amount of kosher food, all of it made by Manischewitz. As a result, people throughout the country who have no concept of kosher still know that Manischewitz is our brand, our Coca Cola, our Kraft. Which is why the drive to stay relevant is so vital for Manischewitz. Not just for the good of their company, but for the good of kosher consumers everywhere.
They contribute greatly to the reputation of kosher and whether they intend to or not, they facilitate kosher education. This was the story that interested me. A new, modern headquarters for an old company that created the kosher landscape and is working diligently to compete in today’s kosher market. If the new building is to be a metaphor for the continued and future success of Manischewitz, then I am certain that we will be eating their quality products for many years to come in any number of obscure American cities.

Zechariah Mehler is a widely published food writer and expert in social marketing. Follow him on Twitter @thekoshercritic


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