63 in Shulamith science fair


Excitement filled the hallways of Shulamith Middle Division as the long-awaited Science Fair arrived. For weeks, students had prepared by learning the Scientific Method, deliberating project ideas, designing and conducting experiments, and analyzing data. All the projects were creatively displayed on tri-fold boards.

During the day, the projects were evaluated by a panel of esteemed judges, mostly from the local Lawrence School District. Superintendent Gary Schall, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Ann Pedersen, principal Rina Beach, math and science chair William Moss, Willis Perry, Dr. Jennifer Lagnado, Jackie Beckmann, Christine Moore, Joseph Weickhorst, and assistant principals Fallon Bienstock and Christian Paulino all took time out of their busy schedules to judge the entries. 

Additional judges were Shulamith High School teachers and administrators Shira Botnick, Sara Pollack, and Shelley Adelson. Sid Krinsky, a professional engineer, and Shulamith parent Chavie Jaffa rounded out the panel of judges.

In the evening, students showcased 63 projects in all for parents, grandparents and guests. Projects included protein denaturation, the effects of the screen on learning outcomes, and the ever-popular, “What Location in School Has the Most Bacteria?”

This impressive event was certainly a highlight of the year, and we look forward to continued achievement in science from all our students.

Shulamith thanks science teachers Mindy Miller and Tirza Norowitz for their dedication to student learning and for sharing their passion for science.