4 YU scholars at Rambam


Out of a senior class of 40 students, all four Rambam Mesivta students who applied for the prestigious Yeshiva University Honors early admissions program were accepted

Charles (Charlie) Grill’s favorite subjects include calculus and halacha. He is head blood drive coordinator and part of the Entrepreneur Academy. He has been part of many teams such as Flagfootball, Debate and Model UN. Charlie plans to spend a year in Israel after he graduates.

Yoni Grossman brings kavana and an inspiring voice to Rosh Chodesh. A Dean’s List student and member of Rambam’s Masmidim after schoollearning program, he is the varsity hockey’s star goalie and a member of the school’s Fire Safety Squad, varsity softball team, and Arista National Honor Society. Yoni also plans on learning in Israel after he graduates.

Sam Sicklick is president of Rambam’s Senior Council and was previously the vice president of Student Government. He has played on the varsity basketball team since tenth grade and also played for the hockey, soccer, and softball teams. Sam currently is on the Dean’s List and learns in Rabbi Ziskind’s Double Beis Medrash program as well as the YU Bekius program. Sam plans to learn in Israel for the next two years before learning in Yeshiva University. 

Akiva Schuck is vice president of Senior Council, and has been on the Principal’s List. He is on the hockey team, softball team, and rally committee. He is part of the Double Beis Medrash program and, last year, he was part of a committee to visit the German Consulate to discuss the school’s attempt to prevent the desecration of a Jewish gravesite. Next year, he plans to study in Israel before attending YU.