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About 25 years ago, I had tickets to Jackie Mason on Broadway. We met our friends at the theater, since they still lived in Forest Hills, and we had already moved to Woodmere. By the time we parked and made it into the theater, we slipped in near our friends just as the curtain was rising. Almost in unison, my friend and I whispered, “where do you want to eat after the show?” more
That dreaded word “exercise.” Most people decide to hit the gym, run outdoors, or swim, once May rolls around, to get into shape for the summer. Though I’m a member of a local gym, have a top notch treadmill I inherited (thanks, Robbie Rothenberg), and a swimming pool in my backyard, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t been to the gym, or on the treadmill since May and I’ve only done laps about three times this summer. more
Are those the camp buses rolling back into town? Didn’t they just leave? Wasn’t it yesterday that all the trunks were being packed? It’s been a while since I’ve packed and unpacked those trunks, but the memories are still very vivid. more
There are no records dating back to the time of the invention of the shoe. There are just assumptions based on primitive cave paintings. But you can be sure a lot has changed since then. Today the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes and the average man, 7. more
To the Editor: Orthodox Rabbis in the Five Towns urge their followers to cancel subscriptions to The New York Times. In the opinion of these Jewish leaders, The Times, in an effort to promote its liberal agenda, editorializes, rather than reports, the news. This practice of literally coloring the news in an effort to promote its agenda now seems to resonate with The Five Towns Jewish Times as well. more
Although it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve been to Grossinger’s for Shabbat Nachamu, every year, as it rolls around, I reflect back on the wonderful memories I have of those days gone by. Of course my kids don’t understand why everyone’s parents lament that Grossinger’s isn’t around any more. It was a place where everyone went. more
Each year, during the nine days, I always marvel at the amount of people waiting on line at the kosher dairy restaurants around town. more
BBQ’s, picnics, going to the beach, swimming in your backyard or attending baseball games, there are so many things to love about summer. Everything, that is, except for shopping for a new bathing suit. more
The older kids are in sleep away camp and most have gotten over the trauma (and expense) of sending them off. Now it’s time to send the little ones to day camp. In my day, day camp meant walking to the YMHA on 14th Ave in Boro Park. more
The 4th of July is the result of the undaunted efforts and unyielding commitment of our American forefathers. They worked through animosity, trepidation and at a great risk to their lives to succeed in establishing this great country.  more
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