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10 stupidest criticisms of Israel’s Gaza defense

1) People have a right to peacefully protest! (Indeed they do. But there are plenty of people here who are taking butcher knives and firebombs and guns to storm the border and kill and kidnap Israeli …

from des moines

6-point test for those who blame only Israel

Anti-Semitism test: 1. Does the person commenting on the Israeli-Gaza situation insist that only if enough Israelis die first, can Israel justify using force to stop Palestinians trying to kill …

jerusalem and gaza

‘Optics will reverberate well beyond today’

Today is a significant, historic day in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. It is 70 years to the day since Israel declared its independence. The United States has formally moved its embassy to …

embassy dedication

5 Towns rabbi gives invocation at new embassy

Monday’s dedication of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem began with an invocation by Rabbi Zalman Wolowik of Five Towns Chabad, a longtime Torah-study partner of U.S. Ambassador David Friedman, a …

new embassy

Eternal Jerusalem

Who says the age of miracles is over? Seventy years to the day after President Harry Truman ignored the warnings of the State Department and some of America’s European allies and recognized …

embassy move

Oy, the traffic! Not in my backyard?

JERUSALEM — As he strolled on his leafy, narrow street overlooking what is now the United States Embassy in Israel, Ben Katz stepped back to dodge the side-view mirror of an oncoming truck, …

embassy move

Five Towners in Jerusalem

The Five Towns — and all of Long Island — was well-represented at the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem on May 14.

the gaza border

Enemy at the gate


kosher kitchen

Making our Shavuot both beautiful and sweet

One of my favorite Shavuot customs dictates that we bring flowers and natural beauty into our homes. And spring flowers are blooming everywhere now. Another favorite custom is that of eating dairy …


North Shore HS honors

North Shore Hebrew Academy High School has announced the following Class of 2018 honors. Valedictorian Caylie Tuerack. Caylie is vice president of National Honor Society, editor-in-chief of the …


Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim

Many Long Island schools celebrated Yom Yerushalayim, with SKA alumna taking their party to the source, posing at the Kotel (bottom right). Flag-bearing HAFTR early childhood students made do with a …


Gaza bloodshed buys time for failing Hamas

Four years after the end of its last armed conflict with Israel, Hamas once again finds itself in the corner, strategically isolated from the region, ruling over …

just the facts

U.S. embassy relocates to Jerusalem. Here's what you need to know.

Key Facts 1. The embassy move reflects the law. It is a bipartisan effort that has enjoyed cross-party political support in the United States and Israel for decades. …

jerusalem embassy

Long Island rep at opening

Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin was one of only 10 congressmembers reported to have gone to the opening of the U.S. …


U.S. embassy’s first minyan



Israel’s Netta Barzilai, celebrating ‘otherness’

Jerusalem. Tall and thin, like a ray of sun, and blonde as a fairy, Ivanka Trump descended from the plane that brought her to Israel along with her husband, Jared Kushner, and other prominent …


Darchei Torah alumnus is named valedictorian of Touro College’s Flatbush men’s class

At an early age, Betzalel Krasnow of Lawrence learned that he would need extensive--and expensive--dental work. …


YOSSers at yeshiva science congress

Yeshiva of South Shore Mechina students were selected to represent the school at the annual Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress. Top photo (from left): Eitan Kaplowitz, Yitzchak Losev, Coby Pollack, …

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