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Parshat Chayei Sara by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of November 13/ 26 Cheshvan 5770 Take a careful look at Bereishit 24:67. “And Yitzchak brought Rivka to his mother’s tent. He took … more
Parshat Vayera By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of November 6, 2009/ 19 Cheshvan 5770 I always thought the story of Lot’s daughters was not taught in grade school because the material is … more
By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of October 30th/ 12 Cheshvan 5770 Our community has a lot to say about the "shidduch crisis." First, we blame the singles themselves. Why can't young people date … more
By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of October 30 2009/ 12 Cheshvan 5770 On my children’s bookshelf there is a book entitled “A Little Boy Named Avram.” The book follows one of the midrashic … more
Parshat Noach By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of Oct. 23, 2009 / 5 Cheshvan 5770 In 7:7, Noach and his wife, along with his three sons and their wives, entered the ark. The Ba’al Haturim … more
Parshat Bereishit By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of October 16 2009/ 29 Tishrei 5770 Chava bears two children, Kayin (Cain) and Hevel, and each one takes on a profession. Time passes, Kayin … more
The Torah commands us twice to rejoice on Sukkot. For Shavuot it only says to rejoice one time. For Pesach “joy” is not mentioned at all: it’s hard to rejoice when you’re thinking about … more
There are a number of verses in Tanach that call upon the heavens and the earth to bear witness, or to at least lend an ear to the proceedings. In the Torah, they are all in Devarim: 4:26, … more
By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of September 18, 2009/ 29 Elul 5769 Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik recounted a personal episode that took place shortly after his wife passed away. As the rain … more
By Rabbi Avi Billet Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt”l was a “one-of-a-kind” leader. With his complete mastery of the Talmud and rabbinic literature, the late Gadol Hador used his brilliant … more
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