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Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of March 12, 2010/ 26 Adar 5770With all the talk about the Divine Inspiration given to Betzalel and Oholiab, we almost forget that many more … more
Parsha Ki Tesa Issue of March 5, 2010/ 20 Adar, 5770by Rabbi Avi Billet After describing the appointment of Betzalel and Oholiab to be the prime architects of the Mishkan, the Torah … more
Purim by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of February 26, 2010/ 12 Adar 5770As more evidence continues to indicate the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai was a project of the Mossad, the … more
Parshat Teruma By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of February 19, 2010/ 6 Adar 5770 In the construction of the tabernacle, the Aron (Ark), which contains the Torah, is to be covered with a kaporet … more
Parshat Mishpatim Issue of February 12, 2010/ 18 Shvat 5770Concerning the treatment of those in need, the Torah tells us, “When you lend money to My people, to the poor man among you, do not … more
Parshat Yitro by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of February 6, 2010/ 21 Shvat 5770A previous column discussed the father-in-law-son-in-law relationship using Lavan and Yaakov as the model … more
Parshat Beshalach by Rabbi Avi Billet January 29, 2010/ 14 Shvat 5770 The first mishnah in Rosh Hashanah says there are four “Rosh Hashanahs” in the year for different calendar events. … more
Parshat Bo Issue of January 22, 2010/ 7 Shvat 5770Before the instruction of “Hachodesh hazeh lachem” established the calendar for the Israelite nation, G-d told Moshe, “Now speak to the … more
Parshat Va'era by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of January 15, 2010/ 29 Tevet 5770 How old was Moshe when he fled from Egypt in Chapter 2? Depending which Midrash you follow, he was either a … more
by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of January 8 2010/ 22 Tevet 5770 The first major attempt to stem the tide of Israelite growth consisted of Paroh ordering midwives to kill male babies at birth. … more
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