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Hudna is an Arabic term meaning a temporary "truce" or "armistice" as well as "quiet", coming from a verbal root meaning "calm." It is sometimes translated as "cease-fire." more
While growing up we all believe in fantasies. For years my son believed that there were monsters under his bed at night, my daughter believed that a unicorn would show up for her to ride away. Both of them believed in the tooth fairy (there was one of those, but it was only their dad in a costume). more
Every day there are more stories in the media and Arab protests about Israel trying to “Judaicise” the area around what they call the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. I have even read with curiosity how European Foreign Ministers and press reporters with Christian backgrounds describe the site as “what the Jewish people SAY was the location of the Holy Temples.” more
As one of the few Jews willing to admit to being politically conservative, I get asked the same question all the time, “How you can be both politically conservative and a Jew?” Most of the questioners are either liberal Jews who consider me something of a heretic, or a fellow conservative surprised to see the rare Jew within their ranks. more
Recently, there was an Internet video that became so popular it was shown on television news. It showed an overweight, bullied child who for the first time in his life fought back. This video touched me greatly because, while growing up, I was that fat kid who was bullied every day until I fought back (with a little help from my mom.) more
The Goldstone Report was named for Judge Richard Goldstone who led the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) inquiry into Operation Cast Lead, the Gaza War, which was provoked by thousands of missiles fired by Hamas into Israel’s Negev communities. more
The April Issue of Playboy features Helen Thomas. I assure you that Thomas’ appearance is this month’s Playboy interview is offensive and obscene without any pictorials involved. more
Stuxnet is the virus, which has infected the computers of the Iranian nuclear centrifuges, causing them to be damaged. The job of the centrifuge is to purify uranium so it could be used for reactors and/or weapons. Until recently Iran had repeatedly denied that the computer worm had affected its nuclear program. In November, the UN said Iran had temporarily halted most of its uranium enrichment. more
At a Washington news conference, held at the Offices of the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress, archeologists working for the Smithsonian have announced an incredible find, a revised copy of the U.S Constitution dated 1790. This document was passed by the original 13 States with the intention of supplanting the version ratified in 1788. The chief archeologist on the project called the document “Dead Potomac River Scrolls,” because they were found in a previously unknown cave on the bank of the Potomac. more
They screamed, they begged and cajoled trying to point out the truth, but everyone called them liars. When people pointed out that the $500 billion dollars cut from Medicare was being double counted … more
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