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The 2012 Election is still sixteen months away, but the discussions about whether President Obama will be able to retain the same large portion of the Jewish vote as he did in 2008 remains an obsession with the mainstream media. more
It seems as if the straw has broken the camel’s back. According to multiple sources, Democrats of the Jewish faith are waking up to the fact that Barack Obama is not a friend of Israel. And many of them are considering holding back their campaign donations and their votes back from the President’s re-election campaign. Giving further credence to the reports, the re-election campaign is taking additional steps to “spin” the administration’s Israel story to make it seem more favorable to the Jewish State. more
This week, ten boats carrying approximately 600 anti-Israel activists will be approaching the waters surrounding the Gaza Strip. It is not known whether there will be some sort of confrontation as there was last year when a fl otilla, run by Turkish terrorists, attacked members of the IDF as they attempted to board the ship and turn it around. more
Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank likes to write about subjects for which he has a very strong opinion, but very little knowledge. Milbank’s June 17th column, “Joe Lieberman joining Glenn Beck: a shanda” proves Milbank would not know a shanda if one jumped up, kissed him on the lips and wished him a Gut Shabbos. more
Its over I hope. After ten days of wiener jokes, Congressman Anthony Weiner has finally stood up and admitted that it was indeed his picture tweeted out to a Seattle college student and that there were other indiscretions. I don’t know what the halacha is, but as far as I am concerned “weinergate” is over; it is now a personal matter for the Congressman and his wife. more
President Obama’s recent Middle East speech created much controversy surrounding his call for the 1949 armistice lines (commonly called the pre-June 1967 borders) to be the starting point of any territorial negotiations. more
Last week President Obama called for any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement to be based on the pre-June 1967 borders: Forgetting for a moment whether Obama was right or wrong for making that declaration, there is a serious problem with his statement as a pre-1967 border does not exist! more
Hudna is an Arabic term meaning a temporary "truce" or "armistice" as well as "quiet", coming from a verbal root meaning "calm." It is sometimes translated as "cease-fire." more
While growing up we all believe in fantasies. For years my son believed that there were monsters under his bed at night, my daughter believed that a unicorn would show up for her to ride away. Both of them believed in the tooth fairy (there was one of those, but it was only their dad in a costume). more
Every day there are more stories in the media and Arab protests about Israel trying to “Judaicise” the area around what they call the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. I have even read with curiosity how European Foreign Ministers and press reporters with Christian backgrounds describe the site as “what the Jewish people SAY was the location of the Holy Temples.” more
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