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This week marks the Sheloshim commemorative of the passing of one of my heroes and a hero of our people, Moshe Arens.  Seven years ago I had the honor to have interviewed him in … more
A legacy is something to be appreciated by all who benefit from a person’s teachings and personal example. One such person is Rabbi Berel Wein, whose life’s work as a rabbi has … more
This week marks the shloshim commemorating the passing of one of our community’s leading scholars of the Jewish literary tradition, and one of the leading Jewish book dealers in New York, … more
We call it yichus — the legacy of generations of the past. Rabbis, scholars, talmidei chachamim, community leaders who were ancestors to those we now look up to. All the above, Rabbi Shlomo … more
The recent Kristallnacht commemorative in our community featured an address by Theodore Roosevelt IV, who referenced his grandfather, Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, and his open hostility toward the America First Committee … more
A question — Do You Know Hilchos Shabbos? — is the subject of this week’s essay. Specifically, a new book with that question as its title. Published by Menucha Publishers, this … more
This week’s Torah reading, Vayigash, reflects the narrative of the reconciliation of Yosef and his brothers, and the reunion with his father, Yaakov. There is much to be said of this saga. One … more
The Birnbaum Siddur — who among us has never heard of that iconic prayer book? Yes, iconic, inasmuch as it was among the most popular siddurim of the mid-20th century. But who was … more
This week, Priority-1 will host its 23rd annual Motzei Shabbos Tanach shiur on Psalms 46 and 47, with its veteran maggid shiur, Dr. Alex Bruckstein. Psalm 47 should be familiar to most of us as … more
Last week I presented an excellent essay, Achieving Kavana: Praying from the Heart, by Rookie Billet, featured in a new prayerbook, Siddur Avodat Halev (Rabbinical Council of America, 2018). This … more
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