lido beach

Angel in Lido: ‘Spanish’ rav at beach shul

Rabbi Marc D. Angel, rabbi emeritus of the 478-year-old Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in Manhattan, is now serving as interim rabbi of the Lido Beach Synagogue. “There is a spirit in Lido …

strictly personal

Brafman urges cash to boost Israel’s cancer fight

The author is a prominent resident of Lawrence. As a busy criminal defense attorney with a roster of high-profile clients, I am not known to shy away from a fight. It doesn’t hurt that I …

helping out

Aided Syrian women ‘love’ Israel, see ‘true face’

Unprecedented footage broadcast on Israeli television Sunday showed Syrian women and children crossing into Israel for medical treatment with assistance from the IDF, in the latest spotlighting of …

YI of North Bellmore honors its founders

Cultimating its 50th anniversary celebration, the Young Israel of North Bellmore held a brunch to honor its founding members. The seven founding couples who helped launch an Orthodox shul in North …

5 amazing documents hidden during the Shoah

Last month, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research made an astonishing announcement: the discovery of 170,000 Jewish documents thought to have been destroyed during …

kosher kitchen

‘Spatchcock’ your turkey for quicker holiday prep

It is often difficult to take time to relax and enjoy a day with family and friends. Even when we have a big family dinner, I often hear friends complain that by the time they get to sit down, the …

world jews

Old Italian shul celebrates Chanukah year-round

CASALE MONFERRATO, Italy — It’s always Chanukah in this picturesque town in northern Italy’s Piedmont region, where Jews have lived for more than 500 years, reaching a peak of 850 …

health mind and body

Far Rockaway hospital blood drive

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital partnered with the Community Blood Center to host its first blood drive since 2010. The hospital, which hosted the blood drive in its BOCES Training Center in …

an evaluation

5 weird kosher foods, straight out of Kosherfest

SECAUCUS — More than 4,000 food industry professionals gathered here at the Meadowlands Exposition Center last week for the annual two-day Kosherfest. The world’s largest kosher food …

how they voted

Tax bill would wallop Long Island homeowners

Should the House of Representatives tax-reform bill make it through the Senate, high-tax suburban regions like Long Island would be on the receiving end of bad news from the taxman. The …

kosher bookworm

Thanksgiving in the Jewish tradition

With the Thanksgiving holiday now upon us I would like to bring to your attention a wonderful and most informative literary work entitled, “Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the …

Judaism stars in Hobby Lobby’s Bible museum

WASHINGTON — The opening last Friday of the $500-million Museum of the Bible at times seemed like a pro-Israel gala, featuring a rabbi, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, the …

who's in the kitchen

What happens in Murphy’s Woodmere stays in Woodmere

The past week and half has been a whirlwind of furry fun. My daughter and son-in-law were in Europe for 10 days and I got to host their adorable dog Murphy. As if that wasn’t enough of a treat …


Why is the far right on rise in penitent Austria?

VIENNA — In recent years, Austrian officials have consistently acknowledged their country’s support of Adolf Hitler, an Austria native, and his war of annihilation against Jews. In the …

overseas jews

Uganda is now Chabad’s 100th permanent outpost

The landlocked East African country of Uganda has become the 100th country to welcome a permanent Chabad-Lubavitch presence. In October, Rabbi Moishe …


Ethiopian-Israelis seek Avera’s return from Gaza

WASHINGTON — Ilan Mengistu knows that his pitch to rescue his brother, Avera, should be a no-brainer to Jews — “pidyon shvuyim,” the redemption of the hostage, is among the …

politics to go

40 years ago, Sadat almost didn’t go to Jerusalem

On March 26, 1979, the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was signed in Washington. But it almost never happened. President Jimmy Carter tried to scuttle the talks when Anwar Sadat said he would …


Mugabe: Ultimate victory for an African tyrant

Which single individual made the following statements? •“Gay people are worse than dogs and pigs. I keep pigs and the male pig knows the female one.” •“I am still …

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What does it mean to be Modern Orthodox?

While the vast majority of Modern Orthodox Jews believe in G-d, send their kids to Jewish day schools, and make incomes well above the national average, they are less than unanimous in their views on whether women should be rabbis or synagogue presidents,