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It may be that supporters of President Donald Trump and those who back the Israeli government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are now so … more
In 2008, Heinz took a survey of thousands of Americans and discovered that Brussels sprouts were the most hated vegetable in America, even more hated than broccoli. Who can blame them?  … more
A merican Jews have always loved Chinese cuisine. Once Jewish immigrants to New York discovered it, they adopted it wholeheartedly. The history of how that happened is interesting. When the … more
Apartheid? Segregation? Not even close. .“Segregated Highway Opens in West Bank,” The Washington Post headline blared this week. “Israel Opens ‘Apartheid Road’ in … more
After the president’s border security speech in the Oval Office last week, the freshman Democrat from Queens and the Bronx, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, accused him of lying. She said that … more
If I had to pick the most repugnant image of 2018, it would be the video from last September featuring Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro sitting down to a sumptuous meal. As Venezuelans … more
A great American Jewish jurist once argued against the idea of a “hyphenated American.” He said there was no place in America for immigrants and their children to hold on to … more
There is a great weight of expectation on our doctors’ shoulders. We have a certain trust in members of the medical profession. As patients, when we sit across from the doctor, we are in a very … more
Adolf Hitler was a genocidal dictator who unleashed the most destructive war in the history of humankind and perpetrated the Holocaust. He was also a lover of animals and art … more
The concluding section of our parasha, Beshalach, contains the account of our ancestors’ mortal combat with Amalek, the marauding desert tribe that sought to destroy us after our departure from … more
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