Far Rockaway

Rav Feiner's letter to his tragedy-struck community: Yom Tov still means joy

Erev Yom Tov v'Shabbos/ 5th day of the Omer/ April 5 Lichvod the Chashuv Members and Mispallelim of our (White Shul) Klal Yisroel Family: The Vilna Gaon was once asked by his talmidim what he …


5 Towns horror: Chosson and kallah killed in Nassau Expressway crash

A horrific multi-vehicle pileup on the Nassau Expressway early Wednesday morning resulted in an unspeakable tragedy: the loss of a young chosson and kallah. …


HALB basketball Lions are champs

The HALB Lions Girls Basketball team went 9-1 in their regular season this year, culminating in their championship victory over RYNJ last Wednesday night. Leading up to the game, tensions were high …


For 16th year, NSHA students lead Megillah service

Fifteen middle school students at the North Shore Hebrew Academy in Great Neck chanted Megillat Esther for their schoolmates, faculty and families. Over the 16 years, more than 275 NSHA students have …


Talking about anti-Semitism? Everyone’s doing it

Slate podcaster Mike Pesca has a theory that whenever President Donald Trump says “everybody” it means “almost nobody,” and when he says “nobody” or …

health mind and body

Bar-Ilan University advances Alzheimer’s prevention vaccine

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in nine Americans over 65 has Alzheimer’s. For those 85 or older, that number is one in three. Over five million Americans live with the …

fighting words

Friedman rips PA, Abbas calls him out

JERUSALEM — Early on Monday, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, criticized the Palestinian Authority for not condemning two terror attacks in recent days that left three Israelis …

fighting for israel

Settlements, Orthodox power worry Lauder

WASHINGTON — Ronald Lauder, an outspoken pro-Trump conservative and longtime advocate for the Jewish state, said this week that Israeli government policies threaten the country’s …

lost in space

First Torah reading in orbit and other fun facts

The Torah tells how G-d created the earth and the heavens, although the stories that follow tell us more about the former than the latter. A new exhibit doesn’t quite answer theological …


At YOSS, it’s looking a lot like Pesach

Pesach preparations are in full swing at Yeshiva of South Shore’s Early Childhood Center. The kindergarten boys enjoyed a taste test as they learned about the different parts of the seder. …


Black Panther superhero is a Jewish creation

If you have checked in on the pop culture zeitgeist at all in the past few week, you know that the film “Black Panther” is breaking box office records and Hollywood assumptions about …


Professor David Wyman, 89, historian with heart

Almost every time David S. Wyman delivered a lecture related to his remarkable book, “The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945,” someone …


Mayim Bialik meets Rivlin in Jerusalem

President Reuven Rivlin welcomed American actress Mayim Bialik to his residence in Jerusalem on Sunday. Rivlin told Bialik that he had heard so much from his grandchildren about her, her work as …


At David’s Tower: Let there be (even more) light!

The Tower of David may be 2,000 years old, but some of its most spectacular features are now brand-new. Cutting-edge technology is used to present Jerusalem’s story to a whopping 400,000 …


Councilman says ‘Rothschilds’ control weather

A councilman in Washington, D.C., has apologized for suggesting on Facebook that rich Jews who control the weather caused an unexpected snowstorm. Democrat Trayon White Sr. posted a video early …


Venezuelan draws strength from Jewish roots

WASHINGTON — David Smolansky has become the exiled face of the resistance to the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. It doesn’t take long to realize why the major media …

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women in shul

Full text of new OU statement on halachically valid roles for women in synagogue leadership

NEWS: The Orthodox Union, after a year of discussions with various stakeholders and in the face of some opposition, has established parameters for a three-year period during which the umbrella body …

united and divided

What does it mean to be Modern Orthodox?

While the vast majority of Modern Orthodox Jews believe in G-d, send their kids to Jewish day schools, and make incomes well above the national average, they are less than unanimous in their views on whether women should be rabbis or synagogue presidents,