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In this week’s parsha, we are introduced to the unique mitzvah of the kohanim – their ability to be the instrument through which the people of Israel will be blessed. more
Over the last seven months, circumcision has appeared as a regular conversation topic in media outlets. Between metzitzah discussions, European nations becoming enlightened about circumcision and banning it (historians note that all that has changed in Europe, is that European anti-Semitism now comes in the guise of liberalism – to save the babies!), and the pro vs anti circumcision debate which continues to rage on in the blogosphere, there is no shortage of topics to be covered. more
During one of the classes I teach on weeknights, our topic turned to the different kinds of love mentioned in the Torah. One insightful participant commented that if G-d tells us to look out for … more
The Torah tells us that Moshe was given an instruction that “On the day of the first month, on the first day, you shall erect the Communion Tent Tabernacle.” (40:2). This was fulfilled in … more
By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of May 8, 2009 / 14 Iyar 5769 In the laws of Rosh Hashana (Shulchan Arukh 581:1), the Rema says the leader of the services, the chazzan (cantor) must be 30 years old … more
Before its exposition of the holidays and their respective sacrificial offerings, the Torah gives us its only reversal of the most repeated verse in the Torah. Normally it says “And G-d spoke to Moshe saying.” Here it says “And Moshe spoke to G-d saying.” more
On his deathbed, Yaakov gives blessings to all his children. The first three sons — Reuven, Shimon and Levi — receive farewell wishes which are not as pleasant as those given to the rest … more
How does the opening of the book of Vayikra, which we begin this Shabbat, relate to us today? Our service is not the Service of the Temple, it does not include sacrificial lambs and goats and … more
I’ve heard it said a number of times that were Yitzchak and Rivkah alive today, there is no way they’d get married. more
One of the words that stands out in the Tochacha (Rebuke) of Parshat B’chukotai, a word which very clearly refers to bad behavior that people will exhibit towards G-d, and the consequential … more
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