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Dear Aviva, My husband and I are Modern Orthodox and we raised our children in the same vein. Our son came back from his year in Israel this past summer and he is a different person. Aside from … more
Dear Aviva, I am a father of 4 kids- all in yeshiva. The tuition costs are exorbitant, and it's burning a huge hole in my pocket. It is causing much financial strife in my family. I am working a full time job that pays well, so I don't qualify for scholarship, yet I can't seem to afford much else except the tuition! It's putting a strain on my marriage, and arguing about money in front of my kids doesn't help our shalom bayis either. What’s your take on it? more
Dear Aviva, I’m a 25-year-old male living in the Jewish community. I’ve got my own apartment and my own circle of friends and everything’s going great. But everywhere I go, I’m having an … more
Dear Aviva, I am a devoted and supportive husband. However, there are times when I feel like my wife makes too many demands on my life. In one recent instance, I had gone to hear a speaker on a … more
Dear Aviva, I just got engaged 2 months ago and have a problem. My friends and I used to be very tight. We would hang out all the time and go away to different places for Shabbos. I have begun to notice that they have been calling me less and less. I see on Facebook that they are still going to cool places for Shabbos and I don’t even get invited. I understand that it’s hard for them that they are still single and I’m getting married, but I thought that our friendship was based on more than just being single together. I’m really hurt. -Betrayed Bride more
 Dear Aviva, My granddaughter is in 3rd grade and is being bullied by Chani, a neighbor of hers. I have personally witnessed it and it is clear that my granddaughter, Tzippi, is not at fault. … more
Dear Aviva, My husband and I have been married a couple months, and so far we think our marriage is great. But we’re a little nervous—how do we maintain a healthy, loving marriage for a lifetime? Do you have any pointers for cultivating a lasting, happy marriage? — Keeping the Bliss more
Dear Aviva, My husband”s business has slowed to a tiny trickle and I can”t seem to find work. We got a loan modification, got approved for SNAP, HEAP, Child Plus, and Medicaid. The yeshivas have been amazing-one tuition committee was so understanding that they are now paying us to send our preschooler there. The problem is my husband”s wanton spending. He insists on unloading the few dollars we have on frivolous things like groceries and the water bill. more
Dear Aviva, I have one married son who lives out of town. My relationship with my daughter-in-law was rocky from the beginning. But over the years we have been able to have a solid relationship and be cordial with each other. Recently, I feel that she isn’t calling me enough. more
Dear Aviva, My husband works two jobs — both of equal importance. This is to allow us to have a stable financial household and allows me to stay at home with my young children, which is very … more
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