Guide to the far-right groups that protested in Charlottesville

By Ben Sales, JTA They believe the “white race” is in danger. They believe the United States was built by and for white people and must now embrace fascism. They believe minorities are …

homeward bound

NBN takes future soldiers to Israel

Dozens of future IDF soldiers from North America immigrated to Israel this week, arriving on an El Al Airlines flight chartered by the Nefesh B’Nefesh agency, hoping to do their part in …

real estate

Million dollars will buy a new home in West Hempstead

Construction of million-dollar luxury colonial-style homes has begun in West Hempstead. Eight homes, with prices starting at $925,000, will rise on an acre-and-a-half property at 764 Hempstead …

kosher kitchen

Back to school: If I knew then what I know now

The Jewish Star is pleased to welcome Joni Schockett to our roster of contributors. Joni has been writing about food and more for 20 years, including as a columnist for The Jewish Advocate of Boston. …

from the heart of jerusalem

Finding happiness through our sense of purpose

None of us remembers exactly what it was we were supposed to have done, and what it was that had so enraged them, but our sergeants were on the warpath and it was clearly …


Poles hold a Jewish wedding without any Jews

Nostalgia for Jews is a well-documented phenomenon in Eastern Europe, with cultural and even substantial commercial aspects. In Ukraine, so-called Jewish-themed restaurants compete for tourists, …


How Curious George’s creators escaped Nazis

Curious George — that curious little monkey — is beloved by millions of readers around the world. His adventures with the Man With the Yellow Hat impart important life lessons amidst …


YU, in Israel, connects college students with Torah

For decades, a post-high school year of Torah study in Israel has played a crucial role in shaping young observant Jews’ future spiritual identities and connection to Judaism. …


State’s Mideast director has anti-Israel record

The newly appointed Middle East director at the State Department has a long record of criticizing and pressuring Israel. Isn’t anybody at the White House paying attention to who’s being …


M’s not ‘million’

I am no nit-picker— please!, but I’ll politely ask you to believe …

who's in the kitchen

For this 12 wedding summer, light fare at home

My husband Jerry and I have been invited to twelve weddings this summer. As of today we have attended seven.  Seven outfits, pairs of shoes and evening bags. Hair, makeup and — oh, yes …

high holy days

Awesome power of bad words

For nearly 50 years, my father had a best friend named Al. They grew up in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn, and after returning from the service in World War II, they each married and moved to the …

jewish america

Authentic NY bagels have arrived in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY — Bronx-born, Queens-bred attorney Victor Bergman has lived in the Kansas City area for more than four decades — and in all that time, he hadn’t found a true New …

health mind and body

How Jews nearly wiped out Tay-Sachs disease

Parents of children born with Tay-Sachs disease talk about “three deaths.” There is the moment when parents first learn that their child has been diagnosed with the fatal disease. Then …


Summer tech at HALB

For the fourth summer in a row, faculty and staff of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach had an opportunity to enhance their educational technological skills with a variety of workshops from …

politics to go

Slandering his name: Charges against McMaster

Two weeks ago, Caroline Glick wrote that President Trump’s national security adviser, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, was “deeply hostile to Israel and to Trump.” This charge is …

local news

Far Rockaway man arrested over YIW intrusion

A Far Rockaway man who allegedly identified himself as a police officer and attempted to enter the Young Israel of Woodmere during Shabbos services, was arrested in Cedarhurst, according to …

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‘Intersectionality' craze demonizes Jews

In the Venn diagram of intersectionality, one group doesn’t intersect the others. “Intersectionality” is the left-wing word of the day. Academically, it means various …

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Star readers reap $500 at Seasons, dinners, shows

Readers of The Jewish Star were generous in their feedback, and the newspaper of Long Island’s Orthodox communities returned the favor. Twelve people who participated …